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Mrs Nicola Bullbeck

I really enjoy the varied workload of both medical and surgical cases but decided to further my medical knowledge by gaining a post graduate certificate, which I completed in 2016. I became a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine so now provide both internal and external referral services for those animals with more complex medical conditions.

Veterinary medicine is continually advancing so there are often new treatment options for animals which may have been suffering with chronic conditions for many years. Allergic skin disease is one example of this and a common condition which has a real impact on both your pets and your own quality of life. Sometimes instigating a new approach and getting to the root of the problem may help you manage these types of issues with greater success and I get a real satisfaction from being able to improve the overall wellbeing of our treasured companions.

Outside of work my family started with a little stray ginger kitten called Hovis (because he was found in a granary!) and has now grown to include a Labrador named Bisley, my daughter Milly and son Charlie who all keep me and my husband on our toes! Hovis has previously survived 2 car accidents resulting in skull and pelvic fractures so I am hoping he is saving the rest of his 9 lives for the future!