Pet Health Plans

Budgeting for preventative healthcare has, for years, sat very separately to pet insurance which helps to cover the cost of accidents and illness. But isn’t it time that these two critical aspects of pet healthcare are linked? With Vetsure Pet Health Plans, this is now a reality!

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Small animal practices are increasingly seeing the benefits that Pet Health Plans can bring in terms of client loyalty, preventative care compliance and income generation, and for years, practices have appreciated the benefits of promoting pet insurance to their clients. Vetsure offers lifelong pet insurance products AND a Pet Health Plan for you to promote – and rewards people who are committed to preventative healthcare through discounts to their Vetsure Pet Insurance premiums.



Promoting Your Plan to Your Clients

We will provide you with a link to enable your clients to purchase your health plan online via your practice website. In addition, we’ll list your practice on Clients can purchase a plan through both of these channels – as well as through calling our customer service centre or signing up in your practice. We can provide your team with leaflets and other point-of-sale material to use in your clinic which will also encourage customers to either sign up there and then, or head online in their own time.


Choose What to Include

Practices using our Pet Health Plan services all commit to offering their clients a core basic of benefits as part of their plan. These include annual vaccination, parasite prevention and other core services as standard. Aside from this you can add whatever additional benefits you want and choose whatever vaccines and anti-parasitic products you want to offer. You determine the prices you want us to charge your clients, and we will facilitate periodic price changes on your behalf too.

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