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Career Friendly Practices

We believe Vetsure accredited practices offer vets, nurses and receptionists an exceptional environment to develop their skills and career. Recruitment of high quality and caring staff members is an ongoing challenge for vet practices. Vetsure helps direct the best veterinary professionals to the best veterinary employers in the market – Vetsure-accredited practices!

In particular, the recruitment of quality veterinary surgeons has been highlighted as a particular challenge for our practices. Vetsure believe that the recruitment, support and development of new graduates is the only way forward – and that, with a structured development plan, new graduates can become the future leaders Vetsure-accredited practices, and the Profession as a whole, needs.

With this in mind, we have launched the Graduate Friendly Practice scheme. Whilst aimed at vet students and new grads, practices accredited by the scheme are supportive to all vet staff including: nurses, receptionists, practice managers and more experienced vets alike.

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How does it work for the practice?

The scheme, created by veterinary performance management expert Dr Dave Nicol, comprises the training and templates required to create a structured support program that shows you the pathway to developing a competent, confident and profitable new graduate over the course of 12 months in practice.

This program has been tried and tested in general practice over the last five years, so we are confident it will deliver impressive results. That said, it is not a scheme that will run on autopilot, it does require effort and ongoing commitment from practices that adopt it.

Once you have completed our training and agreed to our commitment terms, we will promote your practice as ‘Graduate Friendly’ both on this site and Similarly, you will be able to use our accreditation logos on your practice site and in job ads. Over the coming years, we will be engaging with students at veterinary schools to explain the benefits of working at a Vetsure ‘Graduate Friendly Practice’.

How does it work for vet students and new graduates?

A worryingly high level of new graduates are today expressing job dissatisfaction. Lack of support, guidance and prospects for ongoing development have been highlighted as core areas of deficiency. Vetsure believe that the recruitment, support and development of new graduates is the only way forward – and that, with a structured development plan, new graduates can become the future leaders that Vetsure-accredited practices surely need.

Vetsure accredited practices are by nature: caring, supportive, passionate and innovative places to work.  Only those who have committed to offering a clearly defined graduate program and EMS scheme for students gain their ‘Graduate Friendly Practice’ accreditation. Failure to deliver a consistently supportive environment to new graduates and students will result in removal of the accreditation, if the practice fails to remedy any shortcomings.

What can new grads expect at a Graduate Friendly Practice?

Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practices have all undertaken training tutorials to help the practice to better understand how to support new graduates including: setting objectives, providing mentorship, implementing a successful induction and development program over the first year and monitoring performance through regular meetings. The practices must either use the Vetsure approved templates for induction and development programs or demonstrate equivalent support systems already present in their practices.

Vetsure Graduate Practices must also sign up to a series of commitments including:

  • Provision of defined objectives for the new graduate.
  • Provision of a structured induction program.
  • Provision of a mentor who will meet the new graduate weekly to discuss wins and challenges.
  • Use of performance management tools provided by Vetsure (or equivalent) to provide regular feedback to the graduate.
  • Provision of monthly performance review meetings.
  • Allowing the graduate reasonable time off to prevent burn-out.
  • Paying a fair wage as determined by regional normal standards and industry accepted labour reviews.

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What can vet students expect at a Graduate Friendly Practice?

All accredited Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practices are very used to working with the next generation of vets and are committed to supporting students wanting to undertake Extra-Mural-Studies (EMS). Both student and practice, of course, have a big role to play in making EMS a success – but if students come with the right attitude, they should expect a highly supportive environment where, with the right attitude and application, you should expect to gain experience in a variety of clinical and management techniques – click here to download a leaflet.


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How does it work for nurses, receptionists, practice managers and more experienced vets?

A Graduate Friendly Practice is by nature a ‘Career’ Friendly Practice for all veterinary professionals! The scheme, although aimed at developing vet students and graduates, is a great indicator for nurses, receptionists and practice managers if they are looking for a supportive environment where they can develop their skills. All veterinary professionals are encouraged to use our Jobs board to help locate positions in Vetsure Accredited and Graduate Friendly practices.

From the practice’s viewpoint, the templates and resources provided as part of the scheme are heavily adaptable to suit the needs of each team member in practice. The scheme provides a flexible structure that can be as individual as you are!

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If you intend to hire a new graduate this year then we strongly recommend that you choose to join this scheme. Not only will your practice be more visible, but your ability to develop a high performing team member will be massively enhanced by learning and deploying the tactics laid out in the program.

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