Equine Health Plans

An equine health plan gives your clients’ horses, ponies and donkeys the best preventative healthcare at an affordable monthly cost that also keeps them loyal to you.

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No one would argue that horses and ponies aren’t expensive animals to look after! Livery, feeds and farrier costs can all add up, and when you add veterinary fees on top, horse owners can be in for an unexpected surprise. That’s where your Equine Health Plan comes in! Suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys, an Equine Health Plan is the economical choice for your clients to keep up with routine preventative healthcare while making savings over and above buying veterinary products individually.


A Simple Solution to Managing Equine Vet Care Costs

By offering an Equine Health Plan to your clients, their beloved horse’s routine preventative veterinary care costs are spread out and they can budget accordingly for a known amount per month that’s taken by a simple direct debit handled for you by Vetsure.

Equine Health Plan Core Benefits

Practices using our Equine Health Plan services generally offer clients a core range of benefits as part of their plan, these often include the below components. You can however choose whichever component parts of the plan are best for your clients! Just speak to your local Veterinary Relationship Manager and we can advise you on what to include.


Egg Count

Parasite Prevention

Preventative Dental Work

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