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Our Pet Heath Plan Website Has Had a Refresh!

We are so excited to announce that our Pet Health Plan website has been to the groomers and is now sporting a fresh new look!

This makeover has focused on enhancing the user experience for our Pet Health Plan customers, and further promoting the vet practices in our network. With many new features, the website will seamlessly guide pet owners up and down the UK to find their perfect plan.

Most importantly, we wanted to clearly display the features of each plan, to help customers choose the plan best suited to them. We offer six small animal plan types, from small to extra-large dog, cat, and rabbit. On each dedicated page, customers can easily view the core benefits of Vetsure’s Pet Health Plans, along with useful information about their pet’s healthcare needs, such as essential vaccinations, parasite treatment, and microchipping laws. New, or potential, pet owners browsing for a plan will therefore know what to expect when they welcome their new furry friend home.

All of our Pet Health Plan member practices offer the core benefits, but many choose to add additional preventative healthcare treatments to their plans. All individual plan types can also be seen easily through our practice finder, where the customer can enter their postcode and find a selection of clinics in their area that offer Vetsure Pet Health Plans. Additionally, if your existing registered clients don’t know about the plans you offer, they can search for your practice name and view your dedicated practice page. The embedded Google Map will recognise postcodes, business names, and regional locations, so users are not limited in their search, and are more likely to find your practice!

Many of our practices also offer Direct Delivery, which lets Pet Health Plan customers have their parasite prevention treatments delivered straight to their door. This service now has a dedicated page to promote this ultimate convenience.

You may also often receive questions about your plans from your clients, such as who to contact to update information, or how to book in treatments. To help answer these recurring questions, we have added a helpful FAQ guide on the new website aiming to assist customers online with their queries, helping to free up time in your practice, and letting you focus on the care of your patients.  

Our new website also includes information about our Equine Health Plans, letting customers view our list of clinics offering this service, how it works, and how to sign up, which is a new feature for this site. To allow the customer to register their interest there and then, the Equine Health Plan page hosts a simple contact form for the customer to complete. This information is then sent directly to the desired practice, informing them of their new client lead!

Not only does the new website include these new features, but the look of the site has had a complete refresh. We want to give a special thank you to digital agency Extramile, and our internal design team for creating this wonderful new look. We have added a shade of orange to our brand palette to give an additional pop of colour, highlighting clickable buttons and points of interest for customers. This new aesthetic also aims to enhance the overall experience for the customer, and the easy-on-the-eye visuals and colours allow for a simple user journey.

As vets, you know that looking after a pet’s preventative health, whilst being covered should the worst happen is in the best interest of pet and owner. We made sure this message is echoed throughout the website, displaying the strong link between preventative care and insurance, whilst highlighting the promotional discount Pet Health Plan customers can receive.

This website is now live and already helping customers find their perfect plan! We want to thank all our practices for their continued support in delivering an outstanding Pet Health Plan service. Please feel free to share the new site with your clients who are interested in setting up a plan for their four-legged friend.