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We're Vetsure for Vets.

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We like to think of Vetsure for Vets as a very special and exclusive club— run by vets for vets. Through Vetsure Pet Insurance we direct pet owners to the doors of accredited practices and we negotiate top supplier discounts for members through our unique Buying Group. For these reasons and many more, our business model is becoming compelling to a growing number of vets.


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Our Core Services

We offer two core services to Vetsure members; Vetsure Pet Insurance and our unique Buying Group. As a Vetsure member you may benefit from both services, but you can also pick and choose depending on what fits your practice requirements.

Vetsure Pet Insurance

As an accredited Vetsure practice, customers with Vetsure policies are incentivised to visit your practice in return for promoting our pet insurance to pet owners.

Buying Group

The unique Buysure for Vets and Buysure Platinum Buying Group models add value to members, suppliers and the channel as whole rather than simply exploiting it.

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