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Think Tank

Veterinary practices face enormous challenges in the years ahead.  Finding the solutions may mean completely challenging our existing veterinary business models and ways of thinking.  To help achieve this objective, we invite Principals, Practice Managers, Head Nurses/Receptionists and other key team members to join us at our regular ‘Think Tank’ events.  If you are looking for a ‘helping you to launch geriatric clinics’ type of seminar then look elsewhere…. Think Tanks aim to find and share completely new solutions and to challenge our current business framework.



Quite simply the most useful and thought provoking management seminar I have ever been on

- Doug Alexander, AlphaPet

Very good course, first time coming – will ask to come again

- Becci Evans, Budget Vets

Love Think Tank – my favourite CPD

- Amie Dyer, Clent Hills Vets

Previous Think Tank events

The Power of Collaboration

Creating a blue print for the next 5 years.

Digital Disruption

Uber is the world’s largest taxi company but owns no cars. AirBnb is the world’s largest hotel group but owns no property. Surely such disruption in the veterinary  industry is impossible? Or is it?

Unlock the Potential

Realising the astonishing potential of third party endorsement and graduate development programs.

Engage with your most important assets

How do we grow our business if we can’t convince our people to do things differently?

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