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Vetsure – now providing Care for the best of Health and Cover for the Worst

Vet practices are increasingly seeing the benefits that Pet Health Plans can bring in terms of client loyalty, preventative care compliance and income generation – and for years, practices have appreciated the benefits of promoting pet insurance to their clients. Isn’t it time that the two critical aspects of pet healthcare are linked?


Vetsure is NOW able to offer lifelong pet insurance products AND a Pet Health Plan for you to promote.


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Why do I need a Pet Health Plan?

Your customers want their pets to stay healthy and the vast majority of pet owners know that prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping their best friends in good shape. A well-managed and comprehensive Pet Health Plan is the best way to ensure that your clients’ beloved pets are receiving all of the necessary preventative healthcare that’s required throughout the year.

From a business perspective, this helps both your practice and your customers’ wallets. Whilst being able to budget effectively throughout the year, customers are rewarded for looking after their pets proactively. This is a fantastic way to bond clients to your practice and differentiate you from others in your area. Increased footfall into your practice also increases customer loyalty and provides you with regular cash flow in the competitive veterinary and pet care market. Vetsure remove the administrative strain that often puts practices off setting up their own Pet Health Plan.

But… the Vetsure Pet Health Plan goes beyond this!

We’ve seen the sort of service offered by other health plan providers to vets and we know we can do much better. Our award-winning customer service team have been selling and servicing pet insurance contracts with pet owners for years and we take pride in market-leading service excellence and customer retention. We’ll not only handle all the direct debits that you’ll receive from your clients, but if your team are too busy in the clinic to get clients to complete application forms, we’ll do this on your behalf. We’ll also actively engage with your Pet Health Plan members to retain them. The agreements we set up will operate on a rolling basis so reducing the hassle caused by annual renewals. We already benefit from the excellent relationships that we have with our member vet practices such that we can keep you informed when anybody joins or leaves your plan. But in addition to this, through our online Vetsure Hub you will be able to see which of your clients have an active Pet Health Plan in place 24/7 – at the same time, you can check out whether they have a Vetsure Pet Insurance policy with us.

One stop shop with minimal client confusion

Vetsure is the only company offering a full range of pet insurance products as well as health plans for vets to promote. Clients with preventative health plans often think they have full pet insurance – and vice versa! Because we sell both solutions we will always make this distinction clear – hopefully they will purchase both and can even choose to make their payments on the same day of the month!

Promoting your Plan to your clients

As part of our offering we will provide you with co-branded leaflets and application forms to help you promote the Pet Health Plans in your clinic. Alternatively, you can use the Vetsure Hub (available online or via App) to get us to contact a consented client on your behalf. Otherwise, we will handle all the email/letter/telephone communications required to manage your plan. When you want to change your plan prices we will communicate with your clients to let them know with sufficient notice. How easy is that?

Choose what to include in your Plan

Practices using our Pet Health Plan services all commit to offering their clients a core basic of benefits as part of their plan. These include annual vaccination, parasite prevention, microchipping (or £10 off diet as an alternative) as standard. Aside from this you can add whatever additional benefits you want to and choose whatever vaccines and anti-parasitic products you want to offer. Kitten and puppy plans are designed to be identical to adult plans to help avoid the inevitable drop-off typically seen when pets turn a year of age. You, of course, determine the prices you want us to charge your clients and you can implement price changes when you see fit – we’ll manage the process for you.

Care for the best of health…cover for the worst.

The Vetsure ethos is to link prevention with cure and reward pet owners for keeping their pets healthy. By providing both Pet Health Plans AND pet insurance, we offer a one-stop-shop. If your clients take out a Pet Health Plan they will automatically benefit from a 5% discount to their Vetsure Pet Insurance premium either at renewal or when they take out a new policy. But that’s just the start of the journey – we are busy developing innovative ways in which, together, we can offer increasing discounts to insurance premiums when clients are compliant to your healthcare recommendations. Get on board now, so you don’t miss out on this exciting journey!


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