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Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practice Scheme

The Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practice scheme was designed to help Vetsure accredited practices promote themselves to vet students and new graduates and, in turn, to offer a highly effective development program that will keep both graduate and practice happy.

About the Graduate Friendly Practice Scheme

The scheme, created by veterinary performance management expert Dr Dave Nicol, comprises the training and templates required to create a structured support program that shows you the pathway to developing a competent, confident and profitable new graduate over the course of 12 months in practice.

This program has been tried and tested in general practice over the last five years, so we are very confident that it will deliver impressive results. That said, it is not a scheme that will run on autopilot, it does require effort and ongoing commitment from practices that adopt it.

Why join the scheme?

Being a member of this scheme allows you to compete in the jobs market more effectively in three ways:

1. Vetsure will actively promote the graduate friendly scheme to graduates and in so doing awareness for all members of the scheme nationwide.

2. As a scheme member, you will be able to use the graduate friendly logo and membership to attract graduate talent and compete with corporate practices offering similar schemes.

3. You will be deploying a system that is tried and tested and, if delivered as planned, will help you to create a profitable member of your team within six months.

What you get as an accredited practice

All accredited practices will receive the following benefits and materials:

1. 6 online training tutorials delivered by Dr Dave Nicol.

2. An induction checklist and timetable template.

3. A 12 month performance management checklist and timetable.

4. Entry on the searchable Vetsure accredited practice list.

5. Exclusive use of the Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practice logo.

How to get your accreditation and deliver:

There are ten steps involved in receiving and delivering the program.

1. Watch webinar training and complete/pass quiz with 100%.

2. Download, read and personalise performance management templates.

3. Sign and return commitment contract.

4. Write objectives for new graduate role.

5. Pay fair wage minimum package.

6. Rota for no more than 48hr/week averaged over a 17week period.

7. Assign Mentor(s).

8. Deliver 2 week structured induction.

9. Schedule and deliver a weekly clinical review meeting.

10. Schedule and deliver performance review meeting/coaching every 2-4 weeks.

Get Started

If you intend to hire a new graduate this year then we strongly recommend that you choose to join this scheme. Not only will your practice be more visible, but your ability to develop a high performing team member will be massively enhanced by learning and deploying the tactics laid out in the program.

Download the check list and sign the commitment contact to get the ball rolling!

Email your contract to [email protected].