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Vetsure Select

At Vetsure we constantly strive for innovation, and that’s what we want for everyone within our network of veterinary practices too! 

Representing passionate and forward thinking practices, we launched Vetsure Select to provide practical and comprehensive on-going training to an exclusive group of practice owners, leaders and critical team members within the network. Vetsure Select goes one step further than our annual Think Tank CPD event, to promote the Vetsure model of collaboration and innovative thinking.

The Programmes

Vetsure Select comprises two programmes; Leadership and Business Growth, which complement one another but are also offered standalone. Both programmes are run by behavioural psychologist and business growth consultant, Andy Edwards. In a series of 6 sessions each, over a 12 month period, the two courses help those running a veterinary practice or group to think like a business leader, learn how to change staff attitudes and implement growth strategies that will, in turn, increase turnover and profitability.

Schedules and Prices can be found here:

Leadership Programme 2019 Schedule

Business Growth Programme 2019 Schedule

The programmes work in tandem to explore the link between Leadership and Business growth using an accessible psychometric model of human behaviour. Vetsure Select members will learn how to identify their own personality types which will, in turn, help them to develop, motivate and inspire their teams to progress their veterinary practice or group. In addition, they will learn how to identify the exact methods they will need to implement to grow their business. These methods fit together and aim to increase business turnover by a massive 46%. In the Business Growth Programme in particular, members are encouraged to visit one another’s practices during the sessions in order to learn from one another. The host practice also benefits from a consultancy session with Andy.

About Andy Edwards

Andy runs the Leadership and Business Growth programmes for Vetsure Select in a motivating and inspirational way. In particular, Andy has been involved with vets for more than five years and brings experience from working with around 175 different professions to the practices that he works alongside, tailoring ideas from outside the industry to work for veterinary practices.


How Do I Get Involved?

You can register your interest in the Vetsure Select programme by filling out the form below. If we are partway through a course then you’re still welcome to join in and benefit from the remaining sessions. We’re confident you’ll love Vetsure Select so if you choose to attend halfway through a course, you’ll only pay for the sessions that you went to. Places do get booked up however and are given out on a first come, first served basis. Once full, a waiting list system will operate.

The location of each session is decided upon the locations of the participating Vetsure Select members but we will always strive to choose a location with excellent public transport links which is as central as possible. All events are fully catered to all dietary requirements.

If you’ve joined the Vetsure Hub (it’s completely free for Vetsure insurance or buying group members) then you can benefit from the exclusive Vetsure Select chat room in which you can share thoughts and ideas with likeminded industry leaders.

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