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4 Steps to Becoming a Graduate Friendly Veterinary Practice

18th August 2017

Recruitment can be a massive challenge for veterinary practice. It takes a huge investment in time and can be really expensive if you get recruiters involved. It’s for these two reasons that lots of practices are turning to graduates to fill these roles.

But it would seem many practices aren’t equipped to effectively nurture a new graduate in their first year. An alarming number of graduates are leaving the profession and staff turnover is immensely high for graduates in their first job – a slim proportion stay for 12 months.

The future leaders of our veterinary practices are being ostracised from the profession. We can’t develop graduates into top class veterinary surgeons when they’re no longer in the industry!

We need a new approach for promoting, training and retaining new talent. We need to focus on professional development, support our graduates and monitor their performance to get them where they want to be, and where we need them to be. Here are four simple steps you can take to become a graduate friendly practice.

1. Compete for top graduate talent

For independent practices on the lookout for graduates, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. You are competing against some of the largest names in the veterinary industry to attract graduates and it can be really difficult.

Job descriptions are key to differentiating you from your competitors. There tends to be a stark difference between descriptions written by professional recruiters and practice managers, and getting your listing seen by graduates can be difficult, too!

Vetsure have developed a new graduate-friendly practice scheme that will help to enable practices to maximise the visibility and impact of their job listings. The scheme is used to promote graduate-friendly practices nationwide, helping attract talent with a recognised accreditation and compete with practices that are members of similar schemes.

2. Manage performance and track progression

For new graduates, you cannot expect them to walk into a role and fulfil all of your expectations immediately. What is more important is that you enable them to meet your expectations in time. This involves managing their performance and allowing them to progress.

You cannot expect them to work independently, either. One of the issues cited in the RCVS/IES survey in 2013 was that new graduates found themselves without the support they felt they needed to perform.

To effectively nurture graduates into veterinary surgeons that meet your high quality standards and profitably, you will need the resources to track and manage their progress. This starts at the very beginning of their induction, by setting goals, and throughout the length of their employment, and coaching frameworks.

Vetsure graduate friendly practices are able to receive the tools they need to deliver the program, including webinar training, customisable performance management templates, coaching advice and more. For more information about the contents of these templates, you should think about becoming a member and get in touch!

3. Retain, reward and delight graduates

Veterinary practices are currently overseeing some of the highest graduate turnover rates of any industry. Mainly, because they aren’t having a good experience at work. Some only stay a matter of months, but some may ‘stick at it’, opting to stay at an employer for the sake of their CV.

Practices should focus on delivering a great employee experience. This means giving graduates the support and training they need, and helping them match your expectations. When graduates receive the help they need, and are progressing in a positive direction, they’ll be much more likely to give you their loyalty. Not only benefiting the individual but your practice will also flourish as a result.

4. Join The Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practice Scheme

We’ve developed the graduate friendly practice scheme with the help of industry expert Dr Dave. Our scheme helps practices to solve the issues of recruiting graduates, it could help you in the following ways:

  1. Promote yourself to talented graduates
  2. Compete with practices offering similar schemes
  3. Deliver a tried-and-tested development program.

The Scheme has been constructed to help you elevate graduates to become profitable members of your team within 6 months. You can contact us if you’d like more information or if you’d like to sign up contact a Relationship Manager in your area and we will be in touch!