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OVERVIEW Step 1: Website Step 2: Marketing Materials Step 3: Social Media

Marketing Starter Kit

We’ve put together a checklist of everything you can do to boost the number of insured pets coming through your door.

Follow the steps below to make the most of your Vetsure accreditation:

Start shouting about Vetsure

Step one - Website

Did you know that roughly 50% of Vetsure policies are bought online? It has, therefore, never been so important to keep your website compliant and up to date. If you want to boost the number of insured pets coming through your door make sure you link to! We even have a free Review Widget for your website so that you can promote your accreditation status and start generating endorsements from your clients.

Step two - Marketing Materials

To promote pet insurance in your practice we provide you with free marketing materials such as leaflets, notice board displays, posters, vouchers, an acrylic sign and more. We explain how to place your order and provide you with all the tools for successful promotion of pet insurance within your practice.

Step three - Social Media

We will connect with your social media accounts automatically so please connect with us in return! We also have lots of shareable content – remember we are regulated by the FCA so please stick to our resources to ensure you remain compliant!

Prefer to print?

Download our marketing kit as a pdf instead