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Veterinary Surgeon – Barn Lodge Veterinary Hospital

Ormskirk Independent
The Basics
• 40 hour working week
• We are a hospital and do provide a 24hr service for ourselves and 15 surrounding practices. New grads are not expected to work this service from the beginning however with time and training they will be exposed to some of the most rewarding aspects of veterinary practice.
• If OOH duties are undertaken you will be rewarded with the following day off.
• 20 days paid holiday
• Salary discussed at interview, very competitive rates aligned with industry standard and skill dependent
• Starting at £35,000 and upwards with plenty of room for career progression • On site accommodation is available
• Use of practice vehicles for personal use by prior arrangement
• Uniform, scrubs and theatre shoes provided
• £20 shoe allowance provided
• RCVS Membership and VDS cover is provided • Staff discounts on own patient care
• CPD is encouraged, and allowances are given based on individual needs What we’d like from you Dedication to the maintenance of animal welfare must be your main priority.

We aren’t a corporate, we’re a family, always have, always will. We want you to be part of our family and because of this the right candidate must be aware that our clients expect a certain level of service, a personal, professional, and prompt one. It’s important to appreciate that client decision making will vary, it is not your job to judge, it is your job to support, guide and assist them through the decision-making process and provide the highest level of care you can. The best way you can do this is through obtaining informed consent. Candidates should be well versed in the appropriate means of gaining informed consent and how this should provide a central checkpoint for the treatment of a patient. Above all we want you to be happy at work and be able to do this in a safe and supportive environment, something we believe we’ve been doing for 28 years.

A day in the life of a Barn Lodge Vet. The veterinary surgeons day starts at 9am with consultations, you will be based between two of our sites, the Ormskirk Hospital and a branch. If working at the Hospital consultations will start at 9am. Once consultations are over we have our morning break, complete with all you can eat toast and crumpets!

If you’re working at a branch that has surgical facilities surgery will begin at 10.45am. If you are at Skelmersdale you will come back to Ormskirk to assist the team with surgical procedures/ inpatients. Once your consultations and break are complete you will then start surgery.

Your consultation is the time to admit patients needing further diagnostics, our clients are used to bringing their pet in sick and leaving it with us that same day. We do not have waiting lists for surgery, radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy etc. If you wish to obtain bloods from a patient our usual protocol is to admit the patient for the day. This allows us to then start a treatment plan accordingly without having to recall the patient and inconvenience the owner.

Lunch is from 12noon-1pm for all veterinary surgeons. You are paid for your lunch break and it is your responsibility to keep track of time. If you choose to induce a patient at 11:30am and know the procedure will take one hour you are only giving yourself (and your nurse…) 30 minutes for lunch. After lunch, surgery, inpatient care and diagnostic procedures continue. The next milestone of the day is 3:30pm. This is when rounds take place across all branches via Zoom.

If you finish your 2 of 2 cases before 3:30pm then this is your time to call clients, write up notes and have a coffee. Rounds can take anywhere between 15-45 minutes. Depending on where you are based will dictate evening consultation times. As a general rule they all start between 4-5pm and run until 6pm. They follow the same procedure as morning consultations. At 6pm your day is over. If you have a case that is staying in the hospital it is your responsibility to handover to the on-call veterinary surgeon and nurse. If you’re at a branch then you drive back to Ormskirk to return the practice vehicle.

If you are on-call then the phone will be diverted to the on-call mobile at approximately 6pm. They will stay on a direct line until 10pm, after which it is an answer machine service. You will remain on-call until 8:30am and will have the following day off. All emergencies are seen at the Ormskirk hospital.

Clinically we’d like the candidate to be competent in:• Consulting every 10/15 minutes
• Comfortable in managing medical cases both as inpatients and outpatients
• Induce, maintain and monitor anaesthesia
• Spay and castrate of both dogs and cats
• Obtain diagnostic radiographic images
• Perform ECG
• Obtain and run biochemistry and haematology
• Perform Urinalysis
• Perform skin scrapes
• Confident and competent in your RCVS Day One Competencies We have a large and varied range of both surgical and medical cases which will expose you to a wide range of pathology.

It’s time to put the books away and practice real veterinary medicine in a safe, supportive and caring environment. We also have a hydrotherapy pool, acupuncture and laser service.

If you’re interested in alternative therapies, then there is opportunity for your to explore these areas with us. What you can expect from us a supportive, caring and safe place to work. If you don’t think you’re getting this then we need to know. We are a family, because of this we understand that your family comes first and will support you in times of family emergencies and ill health. Our employees are under no corporate pressure, this means they can focus on maintaining animal welfare in an ethical environment. We welcome employee contributions to the management and development of our veterinary practice, if you have an idea on how we can do something better or grow, we want to hear and involve you in the process.

We encourage further education and the pursuit of personal
goals, if you are interested in a particular field please let us know so we can guide you in achieving your goals. Happy employees make for healthy ones, we want you happy, healthy and hardworking.

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