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Kintra Vets Veterinary Surgeon, Mobile, south lanarkshire

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We are looking for a fun, enthusiastic and bloomin’ hilarious partner in both crime and business (just kidding about the crime bit…)! Please see below for really official, professional words etc.

Kintra Vet is a small mobile vet business who are currently looking to move into a permanent clinical space, whilst still offering our mobile service. Presently we work as a team of two but wish to grow the business to 3/4 members of staff with a view to expand further when business needs dictate. As we are such a close knit team, interpersonal skills such as reliability, communication and the acceptance of a friendly working relationship are imperative to the ongoing success of the business.

You will have a senior role within the business and support both new and existing members of staff with any training needs where applicable. You will be forward thinking and proactive to ensure you build on existing knowledge by keeping up to date with the latest medical developments.

Employee testimonial:*
“Working at Kintra has been the highlight of my life and I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. I am particularly overjoyed as my boss Jen is just the most wonderful human I have ever met and makes the best chocolate brownies I have ever had.”

*Please note no employees (aka, Nicole) were actually asked for a testimonial and in actual fact, the above is a work of pure fiction by Dr. Jen.

Please get in touch via our email address [email protected]. Funny memes or selfies with animals are encouraged.