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Graduate Vet, Tiptree, Essex

Tiptree Essex Independent

We are wanting to expand our services by enlisting the aid of a caring, motivated individual keen to utilise their skills and progress towards developing them further.

We are a team of  7 vets and 10 nurses with a very progressive, dynamic approach, that combines years of experience from the older vets with the latest information from the newer members.

Although we have the most advanced equipment, including laparoscopic surgery kit, and we take cases much further than most first opinion practices do, our over-riding aim is the welfare of our patients.

Dogs and Cats are our main patients but we also see a large number of rabbits and smaller furries, as well as birds and reptiles. Vets get to choose which species they prefer to work with.

Paid CPD and encouragement for further studies including certification is available if any vet wishes to pursue a more advanced level.

We have a fantastic team of staff and work well in co-operation with all members. Less experienced vets have constant access to anyone else on the team and we encourage mutual respect for staff, patients and clients.

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