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Dr Colin Whiting

Colin is a referral orthopaedic, spinal and soft-tissue surgeon with over 18 years experience.
Colin is based at Monument Vets one day a week to support their GP team with more complex surgical cases.
He has performed thousands of advanced surgical procedures, and is also particularly interested in client communication, clinical teamwork, and training future generations of surgeons and students.
Colin maintains a strong interest in all forms of surgery, especially TPLO surgery for cruciate ligament rupture, multimodal fracture repair, and a wide range of soft-tissue procedures. Successful outcomes follow a team approach, where clients and the clinic team are fully aboard and all understand their roles to play through procedures and recuperations.
Colin always meets with clients to discuss their pet’s conditions and explore all treatment options, which often aren’t solely limited to surgical procedures. He discusses and uses diagrams to illustrate the aims of surgery and ensure all client questions or concerns are identified and fully addressed. He really enjoys being able to resolve situations and help people who are worried about their pets, as well as the elegance and dynamism of delivering accurate surgical solutions within a skilled and efficient team.
He is especially passionate about sharing information, education and support within the veterinary profession. He has lectured, trained and mentored students and surgeons of following generations within the profession, recently speaking for Liverpool and Surrey University, and presenting at BSAVA Student Congress.

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