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Buying Group Update

When other buying groups have floundered and been sold to corporates (if you hadn’t heard VetsWest and St Francis have now both sold to MWI and VetShare to CVS) Vetsure have continued to increase the rebates on offer to our members – both through the core Vetsure for Vets Group and through the new Vetsure Platinum Group.

We saw the recent surge in acquisitions coming some time ago – corporate acquisition is inevitable for businesses uncertain of their future. These changes actually offer a great opportunity to Vetsure! Despite the incredibly dynamic nature of the marketplace, we believe that the future for forward-thinking independent practices is rosy. But we also believe that such practices need to work collaboratively to stay ahead of the game. That’s where we come in. Our buying group solutions continue to drive ever-improving rebates to our members at a time when suppliers are typically pushing back from other buying group models – consequently, the value that other buying groups are able to deliver to members will inevitably diminish.

Vetsure has always strived for, and successfully delivered, win-win partnerships with business partners – this will increasingly bear fruit for our members in 2016!

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