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Are you ready for compulsory microchipping?

The legislation states that all dogs must be microchipped by 6th April 2016. From this date all puppies must be microchipped by the age of 8 weeks and prior to transfer to the first keeper from the breeder.

Vet FAQ’s

What will be expected of me after April 2016? Vets will simply be expected to understand the requirements of the regulations ready to explain to pet owners the need to microchip all puppies by the time they are 8 weeks old.

Will I be expected to report a pet owner if they do not have their dog microchippedVets are not expected to enforce the regulations, they can let pet owners know about the legislation and what is required but will not be under any obligation to report non-compliance.

What is the process for reporting adverse reactions? The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is monitering reports of adverse events following microchipping of companion animals. Please visit to submit a report online.

Vetsure’s Consumer Guides

Online Article – Microchipping Laws: What you need to know
PDF Guide – Microchipping Laws: What you need to know

Vet Microchipping Marketing Pack

idENTICHIP have supplied a suit of materials to assist you in raising awareness and communicating with your clients, please download the templates below:
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