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FeLV and Stronghold shortages

We have just learned of a further impending vaccine challenge – Zoetis were expecting to receive an order of Versifel FeLV at the end of December but this has now been delayed until the end of January. Unfortunately this means that there is an impending out of stock for the whole market which will impact on both Buysure for Vets and Buysure Platinum members. Versifel CVR remains in stock and on automatic allocation to Platinum members. Versifel FeLV will return on automatic allocation to Platinum members as soon as it returns in stock.

We have been in contact with Virbac and they have stocks of FeLV (Leucogen) available for all Buysure members (but product additionally will be ring-fenced specifically for Platinum members)  – however, they do not have surplus RCP or combination vaccine. As I am sure you are aware, the data sheets include a standard 14 day interval between administration of the RCP and FeLV components provided by different suppliers. However, we are aware that there are considerable welfare and practical implications of trying to encourage clients to come in twice in two weeks at this challenging time – and we have discussed this with manufacturers. Some members may take the view that, on the basis of welfare grounds, administering the two doses concomitantly is justifiable as per the cascade principle. If this is the case, we would encourage you to use two separate injection sites e.g. left side of the scruff for FeLV and right side of the scruff for RCP component. This is simply so that, in the event of a rare local reaction, you can identify the source of the problem for pharmacovigilance reasons. However, a final decision as to how members wish to deal with this challenge must be taken at a local level.

Note that Versifel FeLV now has a duration of immunity of three years after the first year booster has been administered – so please consider whether the vaccine is needed at all!

Another approach might be to delay cat first boosters by a month in order whilst awaiting for Versifel stocks to return. As per the attached guidance from Zoetis, a vaccine amnesty is being offered to any cat owners with cats who have to re-start their initial course. They suggest that this is required if the vaccine booster has lapsed by 3 months or more.

We would encourage members to consider the approach they wish to take considering all of the above information and options.

Stronghold shortage

Due to a manufacturing issue with pipettes a delivery of Stronghold Plus 0.5ml 6 packs has been delayed and Zoetis will now face an OOS of the 6 pack SKU until April. All wholesalers will receive stock of Stronghold Plus 0.5ml 3 pack today so practices will be able to order this as normal. However, due to 6 pack demand moving to 3 packs, we would encourage members to dispense one dose at time rather than an entire pack, until Zoetis receive the next shipment of SH+ 0.5ml 3 packs in January. We will communicate again when Zoetis have enough stock to dispense as normal. Unfortunately, due to the same pipette manufacturing issues Zoetis are now OOS of Stronghold puppy / kitten x 3 and x 15 until mid-March.



FeLV and Stronghold shortages

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