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We’ve got a new look!

We are so pleased to announce that our Vetsure Pet Insurance website has a fresh new look! We love it, and we really hope that you do too!

If you promote Vetsure Pet Insurance within your practice then you will also be able to order our newly branded promotional materials from the Vetsure Hub, if you don’t have them already!

What’s new?

Our key messages – We have taken this opportunity to focus on three of the main things that make Vetsure Pet Insurance unique. Firstly, we only offer lifetime policies. Your clients can claim for an unlimited number of conditions, and our claims process is completely hassle free! Learn more about this here.

The Vetsure Network – We are so proud to showcase your practice and all the other vets in our Vetsure Network! Our new-look website proactively encourages your customers to take their pet to a Vetsure-accredited vet. They are able to quickly and easily search for their closest practice with their postcode using our find a vet feature.

How much cover do you need? – We understand that clients sometimes ask you for advice in practice regarding the level of cover they should take out. We don’t want you to have to worry about what you can and can’t say from an FCA perspective, which is why, you can now direct them to our handy information page that we have gathered based on our claims experience.

Instant online quotes – If your customer does decide they wish to receive a quote, you can now direct them straight to our Quick Quote for an instant, no obligation quote.

All frequently asked questions are answered on our new website too, but if there is anything that is not covered, or you or your clients are still confused about anything regarding their current or possible future policy, please do contact us on 0800 050 2022.

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