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Helping the Australian Wild Fires

As you may already know, firefighters and even members of the public, have been stepping in and battling the ferocious wildfires that are burning and spreading through Australia. More than 17 million acres of land has been scorched, at least 26 people have died and roughly 2000 homes have sadly been destroyed.

Terrifyingly, one billion animals could be affected by these fires and sadly 30 percent of the Koala population is believed to have been killed already.

Everyone at Vetsure has been devastated to see and hear about how the Australian Wildfires are affecting both people and animals involved. The reality is truly terrifying and has really hit home here at Vetsure. One of our members, Dave Kemp from Axe Valley Vets in Somerset, contacted us after having watched a video posted by a vet who used to work for him, Kate Toyer, Director of Eurocoast Vets in Surf Beach, NSW. Kate narrowly missed losing her veterinary practice in the fires that were raging through her local community. Her clients have lost everything – their homes, pets, and the beautiful surroundings and wildlife they cherished and loved, have now been destroyed.

That is why, we have set up a fundraising page to support Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Their team are working tirelessly 24/7 to send your donation to various organisations who are tackling this crisis. All donations will go towards saving and recovering wildlife and their habitats.

So please, give whatever you can afford and together, hopefully, we can make a small impact to those affected by this devastation.

We thank you all for your support.

The Vetsure Team.

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