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Acknowledging the incredible work of StreetVet

Today we’d like to shine a spotlight on the fantastic work done by one of our Buysure partners, StreetVet.

StreetVet is an amazing, multi award winning RCVS registered practice who deliver completely free care and service to the homeless and their dogs on the streets of London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Plymouth, Cornwall and Glasgow to name just a few of their locations.

Homelessness is a growing problem in the UK, and we all know how strong the bond between an owner and their pet is, especially when, for some people, their pet is all they have.

Living on the streets makes it immensely difficult to access the necessary vet care these dogs desperately need and deserve. This is why StreetVet formed a team of dedicated vet professionals to provide health checks and vaccinations, preventative healthcare, surgery, daily essentials, prescriptions and follow up treatment for homeless owners and their dog. Not only this, they also educate and inform owners about key elements required to care for their pet.


There are many ways you can help support StreetVet. From donating some money, to purchasing items on their Amazon Wishlist, or notifying them of a dog and owner in need. Anything spared provides great support for this cause.

Here at Vetsure, we are fortunate to work closely with a wide variety of forward-thinking veterinary practices. We are particularly proud to support StreetVet and other independent practices in many areas of business through our Buysure for Vets Buying Group network. In line with our ethos we’re pleased to help charities financially and this service allows StreetVet to treat more animals in need. Buysure for Vets gives all our members significant buying power, which definitely comes in handy for incredible charities just like StreetVet.


If you are a qualified vet or veterinary nurse and want to become a part of StreetVet’s inspirational and growing team, you can apply here. You can also see if the StreetVet team is local to your area.

StreetVet receive an award from the RSPCA for their inspirational work caring for the dogs of homeless owners.

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