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National Microchipping Month

June is National Microchipping Month, this month aims to help educate and promote the importance of microchipping a pet and keeping their details up to date.

Microchipping is the best way to identify a pet if they are brought into a practice. Unfortunately, many smaller animals such as cats and rabbits are not microchipped.

Vetsure have teamed up with Virbac and their BackHome microchip product, bringing you new materials to help promote the importance of microchipping all pets.

They supply:

  • Pet owner leaflets
  • A3 microchipping poster
  • Home breeder’s guide
  • ‘Cats Need Chipping Too’, window cling
  • Species guide
  • BackHome collar tags
  • A waiting room video

The BackHome microchip is suitable for many species of animal, from dogs, to horses, to snakes. These new materials however are centred around microchipping pets other than dogs.

In 2016 it became law that all dogs and puppies in England, Scotland and Wales, must be microchipped by the age of eight weeks.

As part of the conditions of the dog licence, dogs and puppies in Northern Ireland are already required to be microchipped.

If you are interested please contact your local Virbac territory manager, or visit the virback website by clicking here.

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