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Vetsure offer Pet Health Plans


Did you know that Vetsure now offer Pet Health Plans? 

Vetsure have now launched Pet Health Plans to help reduce and spread the cost of routine preventative healthcare for pets.

Vetsure are working with a growing number of vets across the country to deliver Pet Health Plans, whether they are starting from scratch, or if you are wanting to transfer from another supplier.

For those practices who already run a preventative healthcare plan, transferring clients to Vetsure has become much easier.

Vetsure are the first Pet Health Plan supplier to implement the bulk change process and we have transferred plans over from Denplan, The Animal Healthcare Company and Lloyd & Whyte.

This means that you can seamlessly transfer plans without you having to cancel and re-start direct debits.

We’ll handle the Direct Debits

Our award-winning customer service team have been selling and servicing pet insurance contracts with pet owners for years and we take pride in market-leading service excellence and customer retention. We’ll not only handle all the direct debits that you’ll receive from your clients, but if your team are too busy in the clinic to get clients to complete application forms, we’ll do this on your behalf.


Choosing what to include

Practices using our Pet Health Plan services all commit to offering their clients a core basic of benefits as part of their plan. These include annual vaccination, parasite prevention, microchipping (or £10 off diet as an alternative) as standard. Aside from this you can add whatever additional benefits you want to and choose whatever vaccines and anti-parasitic products you want to offer.


Care for the Best of Health, Cover for the Worst

The Vetsure ethos is to link prevention with cure and reward pet owners for keeping their pets healthy. By providing both Pet Health Plans AND pet insurance, we offer a one-stop-shop. If your clients take out a Pet Health Plan they will automatically benefit from a 5% discount to their Vetsure Pet Insurance premium either at renewal or when they take out a new policy.


Find out more about Vetsure Pet Health Plans here.

Contact us if you’re thinking about setting up a Pet Health Plan or if you’d like to transfer your plans over from another supplier.

Should you require any assistance do not hesitate to contact me or your local Veterinary Relationship Manager or just email [email protected].


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