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Vetsure celebrate 12th Think Tank event

Press release May 2018

Every year we invite Principals, Practice Managers, Head Nurses and other key decision makers to join us at our regular ‘Think Tank’ event. We represent a network of independent veterinary practices who understand that future growth is entirely dependent on collaboration and innovative thinking.

Doug Alexander, Owner of AlphaPet said: “Think Tank has become a critically important event for me to attend as a practice owner.”

The 2 day conference took place at The Abbey Hotel (Redditch) on the 9th and 10th May 2018. The event was hosted by Ashley Gray, Managing Director of Vetsure, and this years’ particularly inspirational guest speaker, behavioural psychologist and business growth consultant; Andy Edwards.

We took the opportunity to update our members about a few additional services available to them.

Across the 2 days, Andy Edwards had participants captivated as he explored the link between leadership and customer delight – and how to identify the problem areas.  Using an accessible psychometric model of human behaviour, Andy helped our members identify their leadership (and personality) type.  He took participants understanding of themselves and others to a whole new level, helping to develop, motivate and inspire their team.

Ashley Gray, says “Year on year the event is hugely anticipated and Think Tank 12 was no exception. There is always an immense feeling of unity and community at Think Tank and it rejuvenates my excitement for the future plans of Vetsure and the veterinary industry as a whole.”

We took the opportunity to update members with an array of added services available to their veterinary practices. For example, it’s been exactly a year since we first launched our ‘Graduate Friendly Practice’ Scheme (a direct result of previous Think Tank events) of which they now have 91 practices actively participating. Participants who had completed the scheme we awarded trophies to display in practice. We also announced the launch of ‘Vetsure Select’. Vetsure Select is a spinoff of Think Tank which provides comprehensive and ongoing training and mentoring to a select group of leaders within our network.

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