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FREE Graduate Scheme for Vetsure-accredited Vets

Vetsure are the first company to offer an absolutely free Graduate Scheme to their network of accredited vets. It’s nearly been a year since first launching the Scheme at the annual Think Tank event in May. Think Tank involves an evolution of ideas and progression from key opinion leaders of the veterinary industry; the Graduate Scheme is a direct result of these events.

The Vetsure Graduate Friendly Practice scheme was designed to help Vetsure accredited practices promote themselves to vet students and new graduates and, in turn, to offer a highly effective development program that will keep both graduate and practice happy.

Ashley Gray, Managing Director at Vetsure comments: “The recruitment of quality veterinary surgeons is a continual challenge for independent practices – particularly in the face of worryingly high levels of job dissatisfaction reported among vets after only a few years post-graduation.  Many vets report lack of: support, guidance and prospects for ongoing development as core areas of deficiency. We believe that the recruitment, support and development of new graduates is the only way forward – with a structured development plan, new graduates can become the future leaders that Vetsure-accredited practices, and the profession as a whole surely needs.”

Dr Dave Nichol, a veterinary performance manager expert and the writer of “So You’re a vet… Now what?” has been mentoring graduates for over ten years and has brought his wealth of industry knowledge to maximise the success of this scheme. Dr Dave has undertaken a huge amount of business training and research; building a reputation as a successful business leader within the veterinary industry. He has lead large teams of vets in corporate practices in Britain and has more recently owned/managed and successfully sold his two veterinary hospitals in Australia. Through Dave’s tried and tested methodology he has managed to bring the Vetsure graduate Friendly Scheme to life.

The scheme comprises the training and templates required to create a structured support program that guides veterinary business managers down the pathway to developing a competent, confident and profitable new graduate over the course of 12 months. It is not a scheme that will run on autopilot, it does require effort and ongoing commitment from practices that adopt it. The application of the graduate scheme allows training to be specifically catered to each graduate to suit each practice through a method of goals, objectives, webinars, coaching advice, templates and checklists.

As well as being competitive, there is no doubt that the recruitment process can quite often be extremely costly to a vet practice, agency fees, job adverts, not to mention time investment! Not only does the use of the scheme logo help the practice stand out from competition, the scheme also provides support such as writing an effective job description and job boards, not to mention our collaboration tool the Vetsure ‘Hub’ where practices can have open discussions with one another, sharing their expertise. The scheme is completely free for Vetsure Accredited practices to utilise and Dr Dave is always on hand for additional support.

Vetsure currently have 50 Graduate Friendly Practices throughout the UK and when asked ‘Would you recommend the scheme to your peers?’ 100% of respondents said yes!

To find out more about the Vetsure Graduate Friendly Scheme view further information here. To become Vetsure accredited and to sign up to the Vetsure Graduate Friendly Scheme contact us TODAY! Call Keith Watson, National Sales Manager on 07702 163501.

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