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Introducing Buysure…

To create a fresh start for 2018 and to differentiate our various member services more clearly, we have taken the opportunity to rebrand our Buying Groups.

As of  the 31st January our ‘Vetsure for Vets’ buying group will be referred to as ‘Buysure for Vets’ and ‘Vetsure Platinum’ buying group will be referred to as ‘Buysure Platinum’. It’s still the same great Buying Group terms, just under different names!

Buysure for Vets members are not required to use our Preferred Suppliers but doing so allows them to benefit from enhanced terms.



Buysure Platinum members commit to use our Dedicated Suppliers allowing them to benefit from top corporate supplier terms.



Our Buying Group terms are always completely transparent and creates a win-win for suppliers and members alike. Thanks to our pick and mix approach we offer the best terms guaranteed! We are also the exclusive buying group sponsor of the Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices (FIVP).

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