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Introducing CarefreeCredit

A simple payment option for your clients 

Here’s the concept:

CarefreeCredit is a simple, transparent finance option for you to offer your clients. It’s an online, paperless system available 24/7/365 with instant decisions.

Once approved, your clients get to spread the cost of their vet bills, your patients get treated and you receive funds within a matter of days.


Benefits of the service

  • The quality of pets lives is improved through the quick and hassle-free provision of finance for their care.
  • The stress of paying for unexpected vet bills is reduced for your clients.
  • You avoid discounting prices to clients who have trouble finding funds.
  • Reduce your debtors list and stop adding to it
  • Increase your revenue by increased treatment take up


How it can help you in your practice

  • Recoup retrospective debt/prevent potential future debt
    – Use Carefree Credit to clear existing debtors and replace in-house payment plans. If we say ‘no’ it could be a reason for you to do the same.
  • Reduce discounting/capping of bills
    – Use Carefree Credit to offer an affordable solution to pay for an unexpected bill rather than discounting or capping
  • Increased take-up of Gold Standard treatments
    – Use Carefree Credit to make the best possible treatment available to your patients by focussing on affordability not cost


The options available to clients

  • There are a number of options available for you to offer your clients
    – 0% APR, 4.9% APR & 9.9% APR all of which have a small subsidy charge which the practice pays (Vetsure members receive preferential rates)
    – 14.9% APR which has no charge to the practice
    – A rate for risk interest free or low APR option which caters for those clients with a less than perfect credit score and ensures that the acceptance rates are close to 90%. This has a higher subsidy which is based on the risk attached to the client


The costs to you

  • You need to have FCA authorisation and the cost for this is a one off £100 application then £145 per annum
  • Subsidy charge dependant on type of agreement
  • £10 per month fee (irrespective of number of practices owned)


Available support

  • Full support and guidance is available from the Carefree Credit team in terms of compliance guidance, administration, processing applications and advice on how to promote the facilities
  • Our dedicated PR advisor will work with you as little or as much as you like to obtain local and national press for your practice. Carefree Credit has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Sunday Express –
  • Pet owner referrals to Carefree Credit practices through website enquiries


How do I find out more or register?

Email [email protected] or call 0845 313 0177

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