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Referral Centres – Freedom of choice with Vetsure

We understand that a number of leading Pet Insurance brands have recently re-assessed their terms of business with regards to the use of Specialist Referral Centres. In particular, we understand that clients insured under these brands are being requested to contact the insurer to establish which Referral Centre they should use.

Our strategy at Vetsure has always, and will continue to be, to offer customers choice – in the case of Referral Centres this choice is largely determined as a result of a consultation between the first opinion vet and the customer. At Vetsure, we believe that this choice should be respected.

The Vetsure model does operate on a ‘directional care’ basis in that we have a growing network of Vetsure-accredited first opinion practices across the country. Whilst Vetsure customers do benefit from use of Vetsure-accredited clinics specifically (they save £20 on claims excess payments when using these practices) they also retain complete freedom to use any vet in the UK of their choice. Either way, we trust the practices caring for patients insured by Vetsure to use the Referral Centres that are in the best interests of the patient and customer alike.

If staff at any veterinary practice would like to call us to discuss, then please call us on 01707 226672 or email: [email protected]

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